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Our Website in Three Words: Prepare for Sexiness!

We recently launched our new website, which I believe will give you a quicker and more transparent overview of what we do in addition to showing you how sexy our product is. A few points about why I think our new website will please you:

Social features for the enterprise - How to transition to social in Enterprise? What features do you need? How much would that cost? We help you answer these concerns.

And along comes eXo Platform, an open source Enterprise Social Platform offering full-featured intranet and website capabilities. And when we say full-featured, we truly mean it. If like me you live by "seeing is believing," you can check the features here.

With such a sexy product, we needed to have a website that truly serves the product and additionally prepares the ground for our future eXo Platform release. I believe eXo Platform 4 screenshots speak for themselves. And if you like what you see over there, stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, because we think an Enterprise Social Platform should be affordable, we laid out a new pricing model, which is more transparent and more adaptable to your environment.

I'm very excited with this new website, as I feel we did a really good job explaining who we are, what problems we solve, and how we solve them. Do not hesitate to give me your feedback. I'd love to hear it.

Thanks so much for your support and interest in eXo.

Julien Brulland
Director of Marketing

You can follow eXo on Twitter for the latest news: @eXoPlatform.

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Few Screenshots about What's Coming Next

eXo Platform 4 - Sneak Peek eXo Platform 4 - Sneak Peek eXo Platform 4 - Sneak Peek
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